CD Jewel Cases

Does anyone have a link to some good cheap CD jewel cases?

Staples has had these cheaper before, also they are slim cases not full.

Staples® slim jewel cases
(Reg. $24.98)
thru Apr 2

officemax has some on clearance sale right now if they are available in your area.

Those that, like me, prefer their jewel cases clear be advised that these are colored.

Sams Club in Tulsa has 100 packs of Memorex slim cases for $10.87.

Sam’s in both northern and southern California has these as well and they are the slim multi-colored ones. The box they come in works nicely for storage as well. So far the best deal I have found!!

Go to See if your local store has these in stock:

Belkin 100-Pack Slim Jewel Cases

Khypermedia 100-Pack Black Slim Jewel Cases

not many stores will, they have been selling them thru as they now have their officemax brand ones.

You can get like a 50 pack at wal-mart for $8 bucks. They are the colored cases, that’s what I get all the time. Every where else for a 50 pack is like $12 buck or more.