CD jewel cases



Anyone have any jewel cd cases not in use anymore they could give away? Not the slim cases cause I have way to many of those but the originals. also, anyone know where to get cheap DVD cases? thanks


i just got some (slim) dvd cases off of ebay (he also has website)
cheaper than meritline or supermediastore and better quality
completely satisfied :iagree:


they sell cheap dvd cases and blank media dvd-r


Here is the supermedia store link:


I have about 200 if not more of the regular cd jewel cases I am about ready to toss. I use the thin cases so I don’t use the thicker ones at all. I didn’t think anyone had any use for the thicker ones. Why would you want the thicker ones instead of the thinner ones?


Sleeve City ( has the below DVD cases.

THINpak Single DVD Case with Outer Sleeve by Nexpak- At half the thickness of a standard Amaray case, the ultra-slim THINpak allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies for a variety of applications including retail, rental and promotional mailings. 5 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 3/8" with outer sleeve. No DVD logo. Made in the USA. Available in Black or Clear.

Super Jewel Box King Slim - The Super Jewel Box New Hinge Slim King was developed as packaging for DVD Home Video and ROM. The SJB NH Slim King is available for one disc. It is exactly as tall as a VHS cassette case and as wide as a CD jewel case and only 6.9 mm thick! . It meets all the specifications of the home video industry (VSDA). The SJB NH Slim King is a very unique and versatile package. Its uses are as endless as your imagination.

Dimensions : 190.0 x 142.2 x 6.9 mm / 7.5" x 5.6" x 0.27"

Are either DVD cases worth getting??


The thin ones dont fit in the CD stand I have and you cant post on the spine of what they are. Its mainly for my computer programs.


well i figured out a way to get FREE DVD cases!!! Call blockbuster. They are giving me over 50 tomorrow night. Normally when they get new shipments they throw away the old cases!


I just bought these

(100) for $23 including free shipping. Not bad until I saw the last post :frowning:


Slim Jewel Case Clear - 100 pack ( $0.13 each)
$ price $
Regular price: $18.00
Sale price: $15.00

I hope they don’t do that kind of math on your credit card :rolleyes: