CD jewel case insert/label maker - what is best freeware program?

I am putting my vinyl collection on to CD (and copying some of my CDs for use in the car). I use CDex, Audacity and Sonic RecordNow on WindowsXP.

None of my ripping/burning programs have an inbuilt option for making and printing labels and jewel case inserts. So I am looking for a user-friendly freeware program which will
(a) find and download album covers/artwork;
(b) find and download track info - eg from CDDB;
© configure the layout of both for printing jewel-case inserts. At present I’m not too bothered about printing labels to stick on to the CDs as well, though this might be a nice option to have if I get more ambitious in future.

So far I have found CDCover Creator by thyante software, and DVD Cover Printer by Dancemammal. Does anyone have experience of either - or recommendations for other similar programs?


bump! A week since I asked. Doesn’t anyone have views or advice to offer?


I don’t know of a freeware that does all that.
I use Acoustica…it’s the best $22USD I’ve spent in a while.

My printer is Canon and Acoustica interfaces nicely with it for both labels and direct disk printing. It’s very easy to locate and handle song lists and to tweak cover art to fit perfectly.
Free trial :

If you can find a freeware as polished, please post it.

thanks jflan. The Acoustica program looks good. Better than SureThing, which some folks seem to favour.

In terms of freeware, I’ve experimented with CDcovercreator - but I have to say it does seem pretty unrefined compared to the Acoustica. Might see if I can do a trial of the Acoustica program…

I noticed another alternative called coverXP - which has free and paid versions. The free one however includes banners/popups, which I detest. So I won’t be trying that one (but maybe others have used it?)