CD ISO image

I think that I must be a little dense, but how do I make an ISO image of a CD?

What software have you got/currently using?

Why specifically an iso image?

You need something like MagicISO. It’ll create one directly from the CD & retain its bootable characteristics etc.

I really wish there was an all-in-one ISO ripper and burner that was totally free.

Well ImgBurn may do the job for most. In build mode it’s limited to 9 levels within a folder & I don’t know about bootability of any image it creates, but that might suffice.

Well, I need to send it to a client of mine. I want to upload it to my FTP Site so he can download it, then he can burn his own cd. I’ve got a lot of programs but I don’t know whick will work, ISObuster, Media Center 8, are a couple.

I guess for a freebie I’d try ImgBurn to create the ISO image & then burn it and see if it works.

Will ImgBurn rip a CD to an ISO? I know that it will burn an ISO of a CD but cant find out how to create the ISO. :confused:

I didnt think ImgBurn created iso images. That was one of the features they removed when they stopped making DVD Decrypter

If you’ve got NERO you can create iso images

The Build mode in the latest version creates ISO images. For creating an image of a CD you need to add the files & folders from the CD as it doesn’t automatically “Create image from CD” like MagicISO & others.

What was removed was the ripping that bypassed protections.


A thread just started might be of interest. Look here

The 8 level restriction is only for the ISO9660 filesystem and there is an option in ImgBurn to bypass that under ‘Restrictions’, or one can just add/use another filesystem like e.g. UDF.

For other’s interressted :

ImgBurn can make images of CDs/DVDs, but it dosen’t do it sector-by-sector, but instead just copies all the files from the discs root folder(there are options for including hidden/system files). Of course this then means that self-booting discs won’t boot anymore after the image has been burned to disc.

To make an image of a disc in ImgBurn, then just load the disc and go into ImgBurn’s ‘Build mode’, and then in the box labeled ‘Source’, then just enter the logical drive-letter like e.g. E:, and then just press return, and then all the files from the discs root folder will be added to the compilation.

ImgBurn also can handle VIDEO_TS folders and VOB type files to burn DVD Movies (in build mode). It just can’t RIP ISO’s, which is lame.

Thankfully, there are some FREE programs that can rip an ISO from a CD or DVD. You can then use ImgBurn to burn those as well. Here are two links to free programs for ripping ISO’s from disks:

Hope that helps.