CD isn't recorded properly



I downloaded a cd (mixed, but cut into different tracks). When I record it, I set the "pause between 2 song on 0). But the problem is that when I play the cd there’s still a little difference between the ending of a song & the beginning of a new one.
I used Nero and burned at speed 2 (I’ve got a plex 8220i) ==> I burned an mp3 immediatly to cd. Hope I gave you enough information to help me


I think you forgot to set the properties to zero seconds?

slide over the file and push r m button choose properties and set 0 seconds. but make an image its more safer.

also grtz from Terror



The “pause set to 0” between to songs = as set properties to 0. Because I’ve done that and it doesn’t work.
I think I’ll decode the mp3 to wav and edit with Cool Edit 2000.

Where do you know TerroR from?
Greetz to him & you offcourse

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I did not overlooked your question to good i can see that indeed you’ve set it to zero.
sorry i thought i was doing you a favor.

So i can see you downloaded cooledit 2000 on advise of terror. yes mayby you can turn with that program the pauses to 0 sec,??

otherwise i suggest you use soundforge he can do that job as well.

Terror is a close persenal friend, he helps alot of people including me.


Make sure you set Disc-at-once! It will probebly work then!
Good luck!