Cd Is burned but no data

i have a LG 12 x cd writer. when i try to burn either a iso or bin,cue file it burns succesfully but there in no data in the cd burnt.the label of the burnt cd just shows as cd.
i tried in 3 softwares nero , cdrwin and fireburner …but in vain…
please help me. i am using win98 second edition 192 mb ram and a LG 52x cdrom drive.

i had that prob as well a few times … after rebooting he read the cds with no prob … maybe that ll fix it

i rebooted five times.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
nothing happened it still doesnt read my cd.not even in my friends cdrom(samsung 52x).somebody please tell me if it is the fault of my cd writer.bcoz i bought it 20 days ago,so i can go return it.