CD-Interactive - (CD-BGM:Background Music)

Hello everyone:
I have been looking for CD-I related data on the
Internet when I found this forum.
This is the case: I am trying to brun into CD-R discs
music coded in ADPCM level B under the CD-BGM format.
Do you know or already have any authoring tool for
this purpose??

The CD-BGM (Back-Ground Music) is a format which can
hold upt to 4 stereo music channels on a same CD,
and play it simultaniously under the ADPCM standard. (Level B)
I have some info about parameters, header and sub-headers that I could pass
on to you, if you are willing to help me out.

I would appreciate your comments on this and await
your news.

Best regards,


i’m trying to do the same thing. If you could give me that header info and parameters…


ANY information on the CD-BGM format would be appreciated. I can’t seem to find any technical details anywhere. I’m trying to burn a CD for use in a DMX ProDisc DS.

I know there’s some stuff about XA interleaving?
And ADPCM Level B?

I know someone has successfully ripped one of these CDs with dd and then burnt the image to another CD-R using cdrecord therefore it is definately possible to burn the images. It’s just creating them that’s the problem.

Got Google?

Yes. I found that page a long time ago. It contains no real TECHNICAL data that I could use to create and burn CD-BGM format discs. Just lists a few odd bits of the specification.