CD, Instructional, Backup, How Make?

How can I make a backup copy of some instructional CDs? They contain audio and video. I don’t know if they’re copy protected or not.

I have a PC with Windows XP. I also have Roxio and Nero which either came with the computer or with a DVD/CD burner I bought later.

Can you put one in to start with and tell us what file types are on it?

Get ImgBurn. Free burning program.
Install it.

Put your instruction disk in the drive, start ImgBurn, hit Make Image from Disk. Select a destination on the hard drive and click on the Read icon to start making the image. Here is the step by step guide:

Now put in a blank disk and follow this guide to burn the image you just made:

These steps will work if the disk is not protected.

@Bob: Hi. I’ll try ImgBrn first and if that doesn’t work, I post the file types.

@Kerry: I was thinking the CD was probably write protected and thus needed some special handling. I’ll just try ImgBrn first though and see if it works.

By the way, I have Roxio and Nero. I forget which versions. I suppose I could have just used the copy CD functions in one of those programs too. Is there any difference between how they make a copy and ImgBrn does?

Not much difference. If you are more comfortable using Nero or Roxio, go ahead and try them. I was just going to point out a method I know that works.

OK. Thanks. It was less fuss than Roxio or Nero.

It seemed to read and write smoothly, but I can’t play or even read files on the copy. The drive thinks there is no disk in it. The drive should be good. I just got it this week and backed up some DL DVDs OK.

I copied to a CD-RW. Is it worth trying on a CD-R? I’m thinking CD-RWs may not be as reliable, especially after they’ve been rerecorded a number of times. The one I used was previously recorded, though I don’t know how many times.

Since you had problems with it reading from the disk, I think I might test the ISO file that you made with ImgBurn.

I use what is called a virtual drive. It will emulate the actions of a real cd/dvd drive and you can mount ISO images in it. The ISO should play just as a real cd or dvd will. This is a free one from Slysoft:

After installing, it will look like you have a new dvd drive in your machine when you look in My Computer. Right click this new dvd drive icon and you will get a line that says VirtualClone–>Mount Image. Navigate to where you put the ISO and mount it in the drive. You can now double click it and it should play just as the original. If not, then there may be some sort of copy protection on the cds after all.