CD Inkjet/Thermal Printers

I’m researching for my company a way to print onto our CD’s that are archived. We’ve used the storage facilities “stick-on” labels for a few years now and realize that if they are removed they may damage our data stored onto the disk and that it causes the CD to be unbalanced in the drive. My company wants to update our procedure for this but the catch is, the labels given to us by the storage facility is a bar code they use to store the CD. My question is, are there any CD printers available on the market that can produce/print bar codes? Price really isn’t an issue, neither is any required software that is needed to be bought in conjuction with printer. I can’t find an answer anywhere whether printing bar codes is even an option. HELP!!! Monica

Check out the thermal title printers, they allow you to import certain things into the printer software, maybe a barcode could be imported as an image or something like that.