CD Image Protection

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every one over here, lot of tutorial is avaliable in this site about cracking CD.
but rearly u will find relevent tutorial about protecting ur cdrom image, which really work.
i have been given advice by one of the member (Kalas) to start a new thread. So that is what i am doing today, hopefully one day my problem is solved and will help other also.

I need urgent help regarding CD Image Protection.

My problem:
I have a presentation CD in flash which is to be locked, I mean that using software like nero or cdrwin image must not be created/copied/made. I have read lot of tutorials and methods, on net. The conclusion is that no CD can be locked and there always a way out.
But still for simple users I want to lock it.

  1. My CD has an exe file which run automatically when the CD is inserted in the CDROM.
  2. My requirement is that the exe file must run as such when CD is inserted in the drive or even can be copied to Hard disk, but when a user tries to create image of the CD he must not be able to do that, at least easily.
    3.I have tried Freelock and TZCopy the image which these Softwares have engineered is not writable in a new blank CD or R/W CD. I have tried with nero (version 6.6.0 8), cdrwin (version 3.9k),Burnatonce,CLONECD etc. when I tried with cdrwin it showed that the cue file is in error.
  3. My CDWRITE is Samsung CD-R/RW SW-224B

Solution needed:
I don’t know where I am wrong. I am new to CD Locking
Can any of the senior members please provide help to me, step by step to proceed?
Or can any one please provide me screen shoots of the steps
Or can any one tell how I can manually modify ISO image (CD image) to add dummy tracks which is writable through nero or cdrwin software.

Once again let me tell that after the image is engineered and written in CD the exe file must run automatically when CD is inserted in cd drive as earlier.

I will be grateful for your help

Thanking U
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Well, for manualy editing the files on your iso - use a HexEditor.
For exe protecting you can use TZEP2 - it protects exe files and the CD from being copied. It doesn’t modify the structure of the CD.
You could also try to use the bad and weak sectors :slight_smile:

dear MateuszMiX

i am new to protection schemes, will u please explain me how to generate bad and weak sectors in the cd image (iso file) in detail

i’ve a hexeditor, i can open the iso file in it, tell me futher how to proceede where should i insert junk data…

secondly i used TZCopy to modify iso image, i used all the five steps given in TZCopy one by one but the image was not recognized by cdrwin or nero, what is the problem ?

thanks in adv for all ur help and advice

if it comes to TZ - you could use TZEP2 - its can protect your exe file and in fact the entire CD.It donesn’t change anything in the CD structure.
If you can use TZ 1.5.x than you will not need the hededitor.
Regarding TZ usage : you don’t have to add all of the 95 tracks to the compilation. Use Step1 , Step3, Step5 only for compatibility. Also read the readme files for the usage of step5 !!


thanx guyz for this wonderful post, & me too I like to protect my DATA CDRs,
when I used TZ Copy Protection, I donno, something strange got happen, errors in CDRWIN and stuff,
I need CLEAN WORKING method without errors message or other fuss (which confusing me about is it ok or the CD has bin damaged, that’s why I don’t like the CDRWIN-TZ method)
ok any link to download the TZEP2? I googled, but didn’t find it
also I need an explanation and download link for Weak Sector Make
thanx so much guyz in advanced and I apprecaite any help

ok I found Weak Sectors Maker my HDD somewhere! LOL
I made a 153 MB weaksector.dat
so I guess I now should make a NEW DATA CD via nero and copy my files normally , but is is necessary to put the weaksector.dat be on the root? or I can hide it whereever I want?

My last Q, is there any way to make a smaller weaksector.dat size? I mean 153 is a huge size! & I need the mostly full capacity of the CDR
waiting for your answer BCN, thanx man

Yes, edit the bat file, and change down the “dup=” amount. This will make a smaller file.

Name the file anything, and put it anywhere on the disc. Whatever you think will hide it best.

what a fast answer!
thanx, you mean I put my size after the = e.g. “dup=50” ?
the dat file will be 50 MBs?

No, then it will be bigger. dup=1 will give a 74mb file, that is as small as it goes.

aha , I got it
but I tried 2 CDs, always there is a burn error when reaches the .dat file
I choose CD-Rom (ISO) ,Start Multi session, but didn’t work?

  1. change the “-dup=1” to whatever you like,
    the highet the “dup” the bigger the file
    5=275mb… and so on…

No, then it will be bigger. dup=1 will give a 74mb file, that is as small as it goes.

you mean 117 MBs not 74 MBs!
by the way, I’m using Disc-at-Once as a Writing Mode, does it affect something rather than Track-at-Once?

  1. try to copy the data back from the
    burned disc, if you get a “CRC” or
    “Disc Read Error” it worked!

excuse Mr for my too many questions, but I need those error messages appears at the very beginging of the Copying process, since in my case the error message appeared at the flast moment of the CD copying, which since then I almost copied the entire CD!

Sorry, my mistake, I just checked, it is 117MB, I found out thought if you put ANYTHING under 1 (0.9, 0.1 for example) it will be 76MB.

Ben :slight_smile:

no prob. man

I found out thought if you put ANYTHING under 1 (0.9, 0.1 for example) it will be 76MB.

My CDRs which I’m trying to protect are Ordinary data CDs (Medical Stuff) :
HTMLs, Softwares, Exams, alot of PDFs ,Some videos & Audios…etc

You do know that if people try and open/copy just those files they still we be able to however. They just wont be able to read the whole disc with normal software.

yeah I know that, but I just want to MINIMIZE the Copied Data via making the weak sector file to be the first one one on copying the CD,
I mean normally how the Windows Explorer deal with copying files? does it start copying with Folders? files on the Root first? alphabetically?
in order to rename my sector file to be in the very begining of copying process
and the same idea with Nero
thanx for everything

if you would like to add bad, weak or hidden sectors to you image you must use Step5 - an easy to use protection method that will let you add those sectors to your CD layout in a very simple way ( and where you want). Step5 is inherited iinto TZ 1.5.x so please try this link and download it from there :

After you will download it you will find a readme that will help you to make the first steps.

If you want to stop them copying the lot, create the file first alpabeticly, maybe start it with the number 1.

If howveer they just choose one file, there is no way of stoping them copying that.

Ben :slight_smile:

thanx man, ok I’ll try TZ again, and I’m already have the 1.5.5 version
here is the link for TZCP2:
so what you done successfuly with TZCP?

ok I’ll try renaming my dat file into 1 and see what’s will happen


The TZEP that you have found there isn’t the one that prevent from 1:1 copy. I’ll try to send that version for you - or find the ftp where it is held.