CD image problem!

hi guys,

I know i ask too much questions but it is confusing to me.

I have downloaded a software then I have found out it is CD images, hmm i didn’t know what to do, i clicked on then so Nero opened automatically and they asked me to burn them so i thought it will change or magic will hapen if its burnt. anyway, it copied it to the CD yet the CD inside has still the CD images!!!

what am i supoose to do to run the software!!! i am sooo stuck!!!

HELP, please

Go back to the site that supplied the software and see what they say to burn the image.

I have downloaded it as torrnet!!!

Err, does it differ and each Cd image has a special way to bun it?

Can you provide a link to site you downloaded from? :slight_smile:

I wish i could, I was talking with my pal on MSN and he sent me the link, I cannot catch him due to tiome differnec and his study!!! that is why i am stuck…

i just feel silly spending all that time downloading somethikng i have no idea how it works!!!

It’s my understanding that ‘torrent’ CD ISO images are almost certainly illegally acquired. If you think the source is legitimate, then you can PM me with the details. Otherwise; sorry, but we can’t help :cop:.

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