Cd image - .nrg vs .iso, which is better and why?

Hey all!
I used nero since i got it with this PC. Before then i have never made a CD image. Nero of course puts them in nrg format, which works perfectly with DT and other virtual CD software.

Since the new release of CDBurnerXP includes ripping to ISO, i was woundering…

should i continue using nero and nrg format, or switch to iso format and use cdburnerxp? i do know and love CDBXP as i used it before i had this machine.

What are the pros and cons of each? or are they practically the same?
can you change the format of a nrg to iso? and would there be any point if you can?

Your thoughts?


nrg is basically iso with some Nero specific data added. So it is not always sure, if other software can handle nrg properly.
ISO is standardized, so no software should have problems with that (you can even extract files from iso images with packers like 7zip or Winrar). Additionally, Nero can also write iso instead of nrg.

What format to use? It’s up to you. I don’t see any advantage of nrg over iso.


[quote=mciahel;1921407]I don’t see any advantage of nrg over iso.[/quote] The NRG format can handle some disc formats that ISO can’t handle, e.g. CD Audio.

For disc formats supported by both ISO and NRG, I’d choose ISO because it’s more widely compatible with burning programs and archiving programs.

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