CD Image Formats

I have been examining CD images with hexeditors that were created with Nero and other CD image creators.

One thing was imidietly clear: everyone has their own image layout.
Is there anybody here who has some in-depth knowledge of the EXACT file layout for these images? What is what and where in the file?

If not all then whichever you know?

If not, where can I find such info?

(I have been searching for this kind of info for years. So forgive me if I am missposting)

Gratefull for advice.

Why do you want this info? Nero and many other burnging apps handle virtually all images just fine, IsoBuster/WinIso/etc open and can add to images in some cases - so, is this for info or because you are having trouble using these images?

Because I am the kind of person who JUST HAVE TO KNOW what every single bit and byte in my computer does!

For instance: most people are content that their CD-R:s contain data, I have to know that pits and lands on a CD are zeroes and that the EDGES represent 1:s in the data stream from a CD.

AND I do enjoy assembler programming.

Thats the kind of person I am!!

And I thought that THIS site was discussing such indepth, obscure facts.
Or are you just the kind of site discussing the mysteries of how to burn a music CD with Nero?

After posting my reply above I realised that it reads a bit harsher than I intended.

So: esteemed co-freaks … I… am … a hardcore freak !! You might say a real badass when it comes to my favourite media :slight_smile: and therefore I like to know…

Most image formats contain “raw” toc data. You can check the format of this against mmc docs (at This will give you all the track and session info. For image names, this is a bit varried across formats. Some might use offsets to strings, or inline zero terminated strings.

Allright! THIS was an interesting fact.

My what an interesting site. I feel almost as good as when I found the lookup table for the ETF modulation used by CD:s

More usefull info. Thank you my friend.
And I didnt know Daemontools (another favourite of mine) has a forum. Its bookmarked now, I might even register :slight_smile: