Cd image editor

Hi - I’m looking for a cd image editor that can copy/paste sectors. I have 2 image files of the same cd that have damaged sectors in different places, so individually each image is useless. but if I combine them I get a useable copy. This was done by reading the damaged cd using 2 different drives.

Way back when (like 10 years ago), when cd copy protection was in its heyday, I remember having some tools that could work with cd image files at the sector and subchannel level, it was useful for safedisc.

But it’s been a while now, and I don’t remember what tool I used, but I do know that it would be useful to recover some of my data on a disc that’s about 10 years old. OH the irony.

Can anyone help? :bow:

I can’t help with an editor as I wasn’t working with CDs 10 years ago.

If you still have the original damaged CD I suggest trying IsoPuzzle .
You need this wnaspi32.dll & it needs to be pasted in the IsoPuzzle folder. direct download link in post#5 or here is the direct DL link:

Give the program some time to recover the damaged CD data ergo several hours.
It creates two files but deletes one on completion .
It leaves an .iso file which can be mounted in a virtual drive & worked with.
Or a program that can burn an .iso.
The good thing about IsoPuzzle is it can work on the same CD to the same .iso from several different drives… I have even copied the files to an external harddrive & used more than one computer.
I hope someone knows the other software you are looking for I would like to know what it is or was.