CD Image conversion (CDI->NRG) question

Does this alter the content of the image in any way? Like is anything discarded during conversion? I ask this because I’ve lately been using UltraISO to convert some DiscJuggler Images to NRG format (used by Nero) and noticed that the Nero images are about 100 MB smaller than the DJ images. The images in question are two-session images of game backups. I heard that when you convert to either standard ISO or BIN/CUE, you lose anything past Session 1, so I converted to Nero. The discs work A-OK, but I just want to know what is really done, particularly when converting a .CDI TO a .NRG.

Thanks for providing any info… :slight_smile:

Hmm. I just found out the hard way (after burning a CD from a converted CDI->NRG image) that the CDI->NRG conversion wasn’t lossless. The nearly 100 MB of data lost was the entire 1st session! :frowning: Oh well… Another coaster. I’ll stick to Alcohol 120% for sure now…