CD image bigger than CD capacity

How do I burn a 813MB CD image (NRG) file to DVD?
I know I can’t do it to CD, But when I have done it to DVD via Nero, it says it can’t see the file. Do I have to finalise the disk? Any help appreciated

Try overburning if the drive supports it, put such checkmark in Nero.
Besides, if it is a CD image, chances are it was made from a regular CD, so it may go back :wink:

Maybe you can use imgburn if nero give you problems :wink:

You might be able to burn it to a 700mb CD-R.

With a BIN file that’s just over 800mb you can do it because of all the extra information stored in the image that doesn’t get burned.

If your drive is able to use them and you use Nero, did you consider the use of the so called 90 or 99 minutes discs (800 and 870 MB)?
You can find 99 minutes discs from Infinity and at least from one major name (can’t recall whom at mom TDK? …) and there are some names that used to produce 90 minutes discs.
My experiency was with Infinity and I had no problems even with music in the car, but it was using Yamaaha HQ Master Quality that would burn 74/76 minutes of music. So not the typical example, but this is the aspect you have yo look after - the use of the discs and the equipment compatibility.

813MB is a 700MB CD plus the subchannel data.

That should fit on a CD when burnt from the image.

To burn, dont drag the image file onto a CD as if it as a file, just open the file in your burning application (in nero choose file > open and then choose the image) and let the application sort out the problems.