hi im new here,

anyway i was wondering what protection sof2 has? clony xl couldn’t detect a copy protection.

but my friends say it is cd-illa 2.0.
not fantom cd or any other program has settings for cd-illa, and im unsure about the hardware requirements (EFM etc).

could somebody please tell me what settings are needed if it can be copied.


Clony got it right this time - no protection at all.
Your friend needs to pull his protection over his head.

The SOF2 cd i have has SafeDisk2.5 protection … but there could be some unprotected releases out there :wink:

Usually people refer C-Dilla as SafeDisc because I think C-Dilla made SafeDisc with Macrovision, right? Not sure on that one.

I will tell you one type of C-Dilla protection is not a hardware protection. C-Dilla is also a dongle protection mostly found on costly apps such as 3D Studio Max (great program BTW). But it is never used on games.

thx for the replies.

i have checked on the cd there are no 00000001.tmp files etc so i dont think its safedisk 2.

what files should i look for on safedisk 2.51 and cdilla cds?

after checking it with the latest clonyXXL(german) it seems to have the new securom new protection.

anyone now the settings for this?

Just copy and play it,

it has no protection

i used cdrwin 3.8, no problems at all

ill do just that:D

thx for the help everyone:)