Hey hey,

I recently came into the possession of a cd-i player. It was previously used to play background music in a restaurant, and was trying to figure out how to to get it to play music at home.

My knowledge of the cd-i format is quite terrible, so if anyone can help me, id love to hear.

-Do cd-i players ONLY play ‘cd i’ discs? Not regular cd’s?
-Can i insert a regular cd with music in a certain format to get it to work?

Its a stupid question, but i have no knowledge in audio hardware whatsoever. Anyone care to enlighten a clueless individual?

No stupid question(s), and welcome btw…[I]First[/I] hit I got from Google…

lol, yeah i saw that, i think wikipedia is usually my first destination for answers online.

Inserting regular audio cd’s (like regular albums ive bought from the store) gives me nothing, it wont play them, which is why i thought may be it had to be in a certain format.

ps - Im only messing around with it for a bit of fun, i have a regular cd player already. Thought it might be interesting to get it to work.

Does the cd-i player still work?
Did you test it successfully?