Cd holland.... bestel er niet!



Ik heb nu al 2 keer geld gestuurd naar CD-holland en beide keren zeggen ze dat het niet aangekomen is.... zou door de PTT komen, natuurlijk kan ik niks bewijzen. Maar waarom heb ik dit bij andere dealers dan nooit, en gaat alles perfecy ??

Mijn advies: bestel niet bij cd-holland...


Thankx for the advice…
I wasn’t planning on ordering there, 'cause I didn’t hear anything good about them…

Try WAREZMAFFIA… as I heard they are trustable…



We warn the people to send it registered. We are now sending with rembours again. The PTT guys know about our bussiness (i don’t know how) and they like to steal money. That’s why we are now working with rembours again.


Hey SILVER CB or Cyberjoy,

Don’t say anything about the PTT Post (mail) that you can’t prove!!!

And Rembours… hehe is even more dangerous especially if they know about your business

Just some hints…


Dear Liquid,

I know you work for a bank. So i know where the rumours come from. U know what i’m talking bout, and if you don’t email me and i’ll explain it to you.



By the way, I already talked about the problem with the PTT. It’s not the mailman who’s stealing. It’s probably somewhere where the post is being sorted out or something.


Yeah I know…

And I don’t want tp attack you, but you must admit if you are losing packages en letters you should oughta know that they know something. It’s just for info!!
And indeed I know what I’m talking about, but it’s only for info so no dealers (like u) get busted by that f*cking authorities.

Hey, it’s your choice what you do with the info.

The Replicator


Ik weet het. Maar lees het nieuws eens.


Liquid, i know. And i respect that. But i to have sources who tell me different. Don’t worry, as you might know i have the rembours stuff covered with other accounts etc.

cdholland - -


Ik heb ook 2x keer geld gestuurd naar die gasten die zich CD holland noemen.
Moet ik nou echt geloven dat de PTT het geld jat?
Ik bestel vaak CDz, maar dan ontvang ik ze ook. Mijn advies: bestel er niet!
Doe je het wel, kan je fluiten naar je geld en/of CDz


Looking at al these topics, I think liquid is the best dealer around

I never ordered there, but i only here positive things about him and no negative things…

just a reminder