Cd has unknow data type and process is VERY SLOW!

I’m new with Alcohol and I am trying to make an image of Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun. The process goes quick until 1.7mb then it slows down and only completes about 1mb every few minutes or so. I’ve tryed all the datatypes since Protection ID was unable to find type. Please help

Welcome to the forum,Try using Imgburn. Go to to get this free software.

Are you getting any disc reading errors?

^ C & C Tiberian Sun is a safedisc protected game and there will be read errors between ~sector 800 and ~ sector 10,500 (about the first 3% of the disc).

Just be patient and allow the reading process to complete. It will speed up after the the first ~ 10,500 sectors and will only take about 3 minutes or so to read the remainder of the disc.