Cd has no file system but reads

Hi. I came across this old disk of mine i burned years ago. First off the disk does not read in windows “Insert disk”. I imaged the disk with IsoBuster, theres about 70 read errors mid section of the disk, which i don’t think would effect the disk info. IsoBuster identifies one closed session, within that a Audio track. However I know theres not audio on it. When i do a sector View 1-15 sectors are blank and then 16 has the data:

CD001…CD-BRIDGE 001212_0645


The sectors after that seems to have Directory and File information. When i do find missing files and folders it does not find anything. I also tried CdRoller and it did not even find the Track or any files.

So Im wondering how I read this disk and why is not not recognizing right.

Is it possible that the burn was messed up? Could i have burned a Mode 2 ISO as and Mode 1 or Audio one by mistake?

I imagine it was created using DirectCD. Which is Easy CD Creators version of packet writing. Basically, it allows you to treat CD’s as a floppy and burn small amounts of data in separate sessions as opposed to burning the whole disc at once. Packet writing was always a pain in the azz and quite often only the discs could only be read using the exact same software version.

You could try finalizing the disc, though you will likely need to use the older version of DirectCD or possibly (not likely) whatever current version is used by Easy CD Creator. The fact that ISOBuster can’t pull all the data, doesn’t bode very well for a happy ending. Personally, I’d just toss it.