CD Gurdian Protection

Dear friends

Has anyone heard about the Iranian CD Protection called Negahban and CD Gurdian?Does anyone know hwo to make backup of CD backed up using CD Gurdian?I have one of those CD’s and can share any information proffesionals need:)



They are modifed and private label of tzCopyProtection. In order to get a working copy , use CDR-Win, Get the First Track Start-LBA , then Set The CDR-Win to read from Block 0 to First Track Start LBA in RAW mode, in this way you will have the Pre-Gap Information On a File , Rename the File to .ISO and Give it to alcohol to burn in RAW DAO mode. This Woked On CD-Guardian Several Times.


No, Negahban (Golden+ Edition) can’t be copied with this way!
It seems tht depended to many detailed things!
Any other idea?

Search For “PreGap Image Builder” to reach the solution.