CD+G support in CDRW drives?

Im not entirely sure but isnt CD+G jsut a use of subchannel data? My plextor 1610A can read and write cd+g discs (created with both CloneCD and CDRWin) however is the support of this based on a drives capability to read and write subchannel data and then let the CD+G software decide what it means or is CD+G support more than that? I say so because i may upgrade my drive soon, possibly to something philips based, although philips latest and greatest does not list CD+G as a feature…

It’s a drive feature if you ask me

It iz a drive feature!!

I know for shure because i had other drives and now i have also the plex1610A ( It Rocks!! :slight_smile:

So befor u decide what u are buying look at the specs!! :slight_smile:

Greeeeetzz The Lord!! :slight_smile:

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