CD+G...sound and picture gets strange

Hi !..I do back-up copies of different original cd’s and then on the third or fourth one, the picture starts to have lots of mistakes and the sound becomes very strange…anybodu knows anything about that ?..Thanks !..:slight_smile:

Welcome Sano Danse, You did not tell me if you are using read to and write from image file or copy CD using two drives.
I am getting great copy’s of CD+G disc’s using a liteon DVD and a plextor CD-R, but I made some coasters before I got my speeds correct. I am using the load Karaoke settings, but found that I needed to slow my writer down. For copy cd with two drives I use 16X for my DVD and 12X for my writer, using 16X media. For read and write using a single CD-R I use 12X speed for both read and write on 16X media. I also blow some air thru the drive door every fifty to eighty burns to clean up. I’ve backed up around 1200 cd+g this way using a Compaq using a 5600 RPM HDD, a Liteon LTD-163 DVD and a Plextor 1610A CD-R. I hope this helps you.