CD+G problems

I’m sure this issue has been brought up before (aproximately 200 times, according to the forum search) but I have yet to see an answer to this specific problem.
Using Dart I create a karaoke bin file. Using CDRWin, I create a cue for that bin file. Using Daemon Tools 3.02 (higher versions don’t seem to work) I mount the cue file. Using WinCDG Pro 2, I’m able to play that mounted image complete with audio and graphics. Using CloneCD (with Reading of Audio Subchannel data on) I make a CCD image of the mounted cue image. I then mount the ccd image and attempt to play back through WinCDG. The audio is terrible and there are no graphics. Alongside the CCD file on my hard drive are also a img file and a sub file, which I assume are audio and subchannel data.
Anywho, finally, just to be certain, I copied my original image to a CD, and tried playing it in my Karaoke machine (actually, I tried copying first, then burning the image I had made) Still, the audio was terrible and there were no graphics. As far as I know, my burner (a Sony DW-U10A DVD burner) does support raw-DAO burning. At least it didn’t complain when I tried it. What could I be doing wrong?