CD + G (Karaoke)



Anybody burning Karaoke CD+G disks? If so what do you use (preferably free)…:confused:


I’ve seen Arachne talk about doing this but i don’t remember what she uses. Maybe she will pop in and post.


Depends what you’re doing.

For backing up an existing CD+G, I use CloneCD.

For making a CD+G from files, I use (in this order): MP3+G Toolz (free), Cue2CCD (free), and finally CloneCD again to burn the result (a .CCD file) to disc. You’ll have to Google for the two tools as I got them long ago and can’t recall where.

I burn at 16x, with no problems playing on karaoke equipment.

And your drive does support reading/writing of CD+G discs, I guess? If you’re not sure, post what drive you have here.

Edit: See this thread for further info: