Cd+g files on to dvd?



Hi all first time poster and let me just say this site is great soo much info here almost too much to go through. anyway Im looking to make a karaoke dvd with files that I have dl’d from limewire these files are split into mp3 and cdg files. I have a karaoke machine that is able to play dvd’s so instead of making 50 cd’s I thought hey why not put hundreds of songs on a dvd. I went out and purchased a dvd burner LG GSA-H22L 18x DVD+/-RW DL Lightscribe to be exact and when I got home and fired up Power cd+g burner i then realized this is not posible it was gonna be more difficult than hell. anyway I was hoping for some help ive done a search but didnt come up with much anyoen out here have an answer? thanks in advance



You can use sax & dotty’s player/hoster to play your cdg and mp3 files inside zip files.
It’s been a long time since I researched this, but look here for some help:
Basically sax & dottys is a GUI front end that works with winamp plus the cdg plugin.
It has a cue so you can enter singers name in a list and cue them up as the singer’s turn comes up.
I don’t know about playing these files directly off a DVD.
Most people I know place their song collection on a portable hard drive, and play them off the hard drive, using a laptop.
I’ve got 21,000 songs archived to DVDs
Another helpful tool is Audiograbber, if you have a compatable burner/reader, audiograbber will rip your original CD+G karaoke discs to bin files, which can be converted to mp3+g pairs and zipped up like the ones I mentioned in the first line.
Also do a search for mp3+g toolz
This program helps you to convert your zip files, or helps to convert bin files to mp3+g pairs. It also will zip up your mp3+g pairs.

If you are into using the old method of playing CD+G, you’ll have to burn them to CDRs with a compatable CD burner that reads/writes the subcodes where the graphics of CD+G are stored.
An alternative is to convert your mp3+g pairs to AVI and just play them like movies. There’s a cdg2avi converter that does this, but it doesn’t seem to work that well. The quality needs tweaking.
It seems the current best method to play karaoke, is to use a laptop and play the zip files, using sax & dottys hoster. There are other similar players/hosters like sax & dotties out there. You may have to search for these.