Cd+g....can anyone please help?

Hi there,
This is my first post…so please bear with me.
I have been sharing music files and copying cd’s and dvd’s for a lone time so I do have a bit of knowledge, however cd+g discs have me beat!
I bought my wife a Karaoke machine recently and would like to copy some of my friends discs.
I have Clone cd version and the following drives:
Atapi dvd rom 16X (for reading)
Nec dvd rw ND-3550A (for burning)
I have tried a few times using the Multimedia audio setting and Game cd setting, I have tried various write speeds, even as slow as 1X.
Sometimes I get music only, sometimes distorted music only but never music and the on-screen graphics…can anyone please help?
Thanks a lot

Have you tried the [B] Search [/B] it’s been covered before a few times :slight_smile:

Thanks coathi
I have done some searching and found out things aren’t so straight-forward, but I couldn’t see anything specific to how to copy cd+g using Clone Cd.
I was hoping a member out there could tell me how they do it?

I backup my mum’s karaoke discs with CloneCD, as they get heavy use.

First, does your burner support reading CD+G? Nero InfoTool should tell you, there should be a tick in the CD+G box. Your NEC should support them, but I’m not sure about the other drive you have.

What I would do is this: put the source disc in your NEC, and the blank in the other drive.

You got it spot on with using the Multimedia Audio CD option in CloneCD.

So just give reading with the NEC, and burn with the other drive a go, and see how you get on :slight_smile:

And BTW, welcome to CDF :flower:

I’ve had a look through a few posts here but I’m baffled to be honest, my problem is that I have a few mp3+cdg files that I wish to put onto a cd+g version disc, it must be playable in an external player (daughters karaoke machine which supports cd+g).
I have downloaded a few programs for the task (giong from the posts I read) incuding clonecd, cdrwin and mp3+G toolz.
If I use the mp3+G toolz to turn my zip folders into cue and bin I find nero, and the other software I have, cannot use the cue sheet, something like ‘error on line 8’.
Right now the files are in zip format, and when extracted they become mp3 and cdg files.

I hope all this makes sense to someone (it confuses me…lol)

Does anyone have links to any tutorials/posts that could help? Any help will be galdly appreciated.

Best regards

  • Mark

You may ran into trouble due to some laws in some countries, just a hint.

CD+G is a special format ‘CD+Graphics’, which requires a capable reader and writer too.

If I can remember what we do on my mum’s PC after using MP3+G Toolz…I think you need a program called “Cue to CCD” or something (I’ll try and find a link). That creates a .ccd file, for you to just burn in CloneCD.

I’d talk you though it step by step, but the detailed instructions I wrote out are at my mum’s :doh:

Have a look at this page for the Cue 2 CCD download, and it might help with further info: - basically it’s the instructions I have written down myself :wink:

As chef correctly said, if your burner doesn’t support CD+G, then you’ll have problems burning. What make and model is your burner?

My burner supports CD+G, RICOH DVD+RW MP5240 already checked in Nero tools :wink:
Thanks for the help, I’ll take a look at that a little later on. I’ll let you know how I get on :wink:

Ah that’s good :)…in that case, if you use MP3+G Toolz, grab CloneCD from Slysoft, and grab CUE 2 CCD, you should be good to go as long as you follow the instructions I linked to.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Great news mate, followed the route set out in the link, works flawless.
Now my daughter will have a few more ‘choons’ to belt out on Christmas morning, all that’s left to do now is to thank you :clap: :flower: :bow: and invest in earplugs :bigsmile: :confused:

Excellent news! :clap:…my mum follows the same methods (and I’m thinking of investing in some earplugs for when I visit her, too :eek: ) :bigsmile:

One thing I like to mentioned here Slysoft old Clone cd version rather they have CloneCD maybe rather then using the old version upgrade also helps.