CD+G backup

Well…Hubby did it and bought a bunch of CD+G for karaoke use. Being evermindfull of always making a good copy of all my cd’s, what do I need to use program ways, to make a backup of his new toys?
Thanks as always for any info :bigsmile:
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Here you go - a link to a post I made awhile back when someone else asked the same question.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I assume that the burner should be able to write to CD+G as well as read it. Unfortunately, neither of my burners are listed as able to write to CD+G, just read them. Guess I’m unable then to back them up- or am I off the mark?
Thanks for the prompt response- tried search but probably phrased it wrong.

Sorry but if your burner can’t write CD+G then there’s no way that you can back up a karaoke disc with that burner.

A funny thing:

On my mum’s PC (she’s the one who backs up karaoke discs, not me!), there’s a Samsung SH-S162L and a Litey 1635S.

The Samsung has the CD+G box ticked in InfoTool, whilst the LiteOn does not.

What she does, is reads the disc on the Samsung, and burns it on the LiteOn. Seems to work flawlessly, even though the Litey doesn’t have the CD+G box ticked in InfoTool…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the response & replies- I have a Samsung (TSST) SH-W162z with CD+G read checked, a HP dvd 840d with CD+G not checked and an old litey LTR-24102B (cd r/w only) with CD+G read checked. Think I’ll give it a try-
Thanks Arachne & philamber for all of the help- will let you know if I pass or fail-went to work today- gosh 4 am is early & 10 minutes after arriving- ops schol has been closed due to weather & road conditions- we’ve had snow, icy rain & temperatures in from 15- 25 degrees F, so I now have some unexpected available time to “play”! ?
Thanks again
PS- Arachne…congrats on your “new rig”

Thanks for the congrats, I’m loving it :wink:

If you read with your Samsung, and burn with your Litey, you should be good to go. If not, post back…good luck! :smiley:

it’s been a year or so since I was into karaoke, digitized a 900 disk library and made a lot of backups also. the was my best resource, if nero info tool says the drive reads cd+g then it’s usually true, software is woefully behind hardware.

I started with plextor premium cd writters, in clone create a profile for cd+g, set read speed slow and only read the first session, many of later disks have a second session that is linked from the last track to a video file, this hoses the rip if the last track.

Most of my dvd burners do a better job than even my old plex’s did. Karaoke disks are the most sensitive to damage of any I have ever run into, artifacts in the graphics are a sign that you copied too fast from a damaged disk. It’s especially important to use the best cd-r’s you can find. I had to reburn 30 new disks I had imaged with clone
because I used tdk’s. The disks played fine but wouldn’t rip as digital.

Since DaChew mentioned speed…my mum tends to set her discs to burn at 16x in CloneCD :slight_smile: - I don’t think she’s run into any problems read-speed-wise though, but it’s a piece of very good advice nevertheless. :iagree:

Media is also a very good point - my mum’s have a lot of use (she uses it at her mobile karaoke/disco gigs), and she uses nothing but Verbatim-branded Taiyo Yudens :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the great advice-I was able to duplicate all of the CD+G using Clone CD and at a max speed of 24x and of course on Verbatims. So far all 40 have copied flawlessly- YEAH!. I even got to play with my HP dvd840 to lightscribe titles on the backup disks. Couldn’t have done it with your advice.
Thanks again and maybe someday I’ll be able to update my pc too.

Thanks for the update - glad it worked out well for you :flower: