CD 'full' but cannot SEE any files?

A friend gave me a CD of some photos and when the drice starts up on XP I choose to open/view files but there s nothing there.

Via My Computer I right click and ‘explore’ - still nothing showing HOWEVER, under properties it sais the cd is full no space left.

Has my friend made the CD wrong or is their some trick to seeing the ‘full’ CD?

i think its the way he burned it, i burnt pictures for my sister with windows burner and it didnt work. But when i burnt them with nero, they worked perfictly. :slight_smile:

probably a failed burn… since Recoradable media can only write on once, which mean when the burn failed the disc is not reusable.

ask him to burn it again or something.

Ask your friend not to burn with Windows but with Nero or another equivalent soft . Chek first the medium , is it some kind of cheap stuff ? Then , replace it by a quality product .

It’s possible that with whatever software he used to burn the CD that he failed to close or finalise it. This would then display exactly these symptoms on your PC.