Cd Freaks


i’ve got one question! what’s this little picture called fp_topcorners? this isn’t bigger than one pixel!



Where did you find this on the site, usually one pixel images can be used to track a user. Let me know by mail.

Next to tracking it is most commonly used as a placeholder.
With one pixel images you can easily fix other image on a fixed place. By using hspace and vspace you can use it for absolute spacing.

And what are you trying to accomplish by figuring out the CD Freaks source code :wink:

no, i found it because it is the first black point which is loaded when i open cd freaks!
and i’ve also read an articel about tracking with little graphics!

and i only wanted to know why this is used!

and can’t i figur out the source code because i’m not very good in html and so on!

I’m an HTML expert, and I just examined our source code for myself, and I found that we <b>do not</b> use the image for tracking purposes.

In this situation, we simply use the image as a placeholder (to keep everything aligned). Although I personally think our code is terrible, that’s the way it is, so I guess we’ll have to live with it. :slight_smile:

Well Squage, guess you’ll have to talk to the Duke 'bout that…:slight_smile:

We do NOT track our visitors, we do have statistics, but they are done by analizing the server logs.

The source is probably very messy, because it’s generated by PHP and duke forgot to add a /n (hard return) after every line, so the whole source is almost one sentence…

thx for the answers!

i asked this only because i read a article about tracking!