CD Freaks World Community Grid Team

Great to hear you are climbing the ranks!
What is your WCG name?

[QUOTE=Wombler;2665342]For the first time in ages I actually seem to be gaining a few spots in the table.

For some reason there seem to be very large gaps at certain points in the table and it takes a while to claw your way up. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=adict2jane;2665443]Great to hear you are climbing the ranks!
What is your WCG name?[/QUOTE]

Sorry, I must have missed that post.

Surprise surprise, it’s ‘Wombler’. :bigsmile:

It’s Folding@Home though not WCG, so it seems I got the wrong thread as well. :doh::bigsmile:


Based on their conclusions, it seems that the analysis of the results is their algorithm can be used to “extract relevant information.” I will give it a more in depth read later.

New cancer project!!!

Lets crunch it!!!

One of the best examples of what our crunching can do:

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy :slight_smile:
Keep on crunchin’!

I’ve been crunching the mapping cancer markers project almost exclusively.
New beta work units have been distributed! We will have a new project shortly!
Hope you are all well :slight_smile:

Holy thread revival!
Icy mt. headquarter84, bean55, and I are still trucking away at this!
There’s a new exciting project that just started this week:

Please join up and help us kick some cancer butt!
PM me if you have any questions!

Hey adict2jane how you doing?

Over 2 years is a Holy thread revival indeed. :iagree:
Joined that Project yesterday, :iagree: keep it crunching :bigsmile:

I’m still here!
So are headquarter84 and Icy mt.
Thank you both for continuing to crunch for this project!
I just added two AMD Ryzen 3700x machines to the team effort and it was significant enough to think of posting here. Currently I have them running at 3.85 Ghz all core at 1.25v. Stock cooling and they are running a little warm fully loaded so I only utilizing 8 of the 16 threads. I will try to update more in the future.

For anyone interested, here is a link to our team, still called CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me with any questions in you want to join!