CD Freaks World Community Grid Team



To generate awareness of a great cause, I have started a CD Freaks World Community Grid team.

The World Community Grid’s mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Their work is built on the belief that technological innovation combined with visionary scientific research and large-scale volunteerism can change our world for the better. Success depends on individuals collectively contributing their unused computer time to this not-for-profit endeavor. They are currently hosting the following projects:

Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Project
Genome Comparison Project
Help Defeat Cancer Project
Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 Project
FightAIDS@Home Project

To sign up, go to

Once registered, a client can be downloaded and you can start crunching data. There are two clients; United Devices, and BOINC( Regarding the clients, the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Project is only availible through the United Devices client. Boinc is recommended for computers with mulit-core processors or intel chips with hypertheading as it will automatically detect them and be able to process more than one work unit at a time.

One more note: In order to run the Help Defeat Cancer Project work units, your computer must have at least 1024mb of RAM (with virtual memory).

To find CD Freaks team, just search CD Freaks under the “my team” icon on the left of the World Community Grids homepage once you are signed in.

Hope to see you all there!




  1. Sign up:
  2. BOINC client go here: Boinc will be faster simply because it will utilize the full power of your cpus.
  3. After the installation, input this as the project URL:
    and then put in the username and password you already have.

Team stats:


just fired it up on my 2ghz p4 :wink:

I tried to get it running under linux to use the ~15% of cpu time that the smp folding client doesn’t use, but no matter how I reniced it, it still used a full cpu core :confused:


Awesome, hopefully we will get some more teammates soon. I have a bunch of P4 HT rigs and one 8 core workstation with 2 xeon 5060s in it. So we should be climbing the ranks pretty soon!


hmmm… I’m running the UD client and it seems to have lost its progress when I shut down last night :frowning: it was at 24% when I shut down and today it started back at 0%


hmm, I don’t have any experience with the UD client. It might jump back up to 24%ish after a few mins. Usually if i have to restart the BOINC I will lose a few percent of a WU but not something as high as 24%.

What project is the client running?

See the attached link below, it seems that quite a few people have had problems with checkpoints and the UD client.

Checkpoint info for the different projects:


thanks for the link, its good to know its not just me :bigsmile:

its running the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project too, so it looks like its a bug with those WUs not having enough checkpoints :doh: guess I’ll have to give boinc a try


I guess you figured it out as you have summited a couple of work units. Congrats!


Thanks :slight_smile:
I got the boinc client installed on both rigs and it works way better than UD, with default settings it gets 50% CPU and FAH gets 50%, the best I could get with UD was 50% when it was running by itself and 25% when fah was running :doh:
I don’t understand why UD is the default client on the download page :doh: :doh: :doh:


Update on team stats (even though it’s only jwill and I)

Total Run Time (y:d:h:m:s) (Rank)  	1:034:09:22:00 (#3,565) over 1 year of cpu time!
Points Generated (Rank) 	556,419 (#2,138)
Results Returned (Rank) 	2,605 (#1,861)

However, we are #171 in points generated yesterday!


wow, you must have a ton of cpus on this :eek: :clap:, I only have 2.5 days of cpu time :o


Yep, I have the 8 core workstation, 5 P4’s with HT, and 4 more P4s without HT. Not all of the P4’s are working 24/7 but if they did 1 month with no shut downs on all of my comps, it would work out to be ~ 22 months of cpu time.


Servers appear to be down, can’t report completed tasks or get new work. :frowning:


all back to normal!


I would like to welcome Lateralus to our little team!

Happy crunching friend :slight_smile:

what load temps are you now getting with both cores loaded?


I have a Sempron 1.5 gig here doing nothing - when I make room for the thing and a CRT monitor, I’ll put in some work for this little team, too. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


over 2 years of cpu time for adict2jane :clap: :clap:


heehee, thanks.

The Genome Comparison Project Phase 1 project (WUs called 1000…) is 92% complete! :slight_smile:

Once completed Phase 2 will start which will take ~ 4 months according to the link above.


Congrats to Lateralus for reporting his/her first 3 WU’s!


Help Defeat Cancer project is near completion/may be finished already. I haven’t received any HDC WUs for a few days now.


Hopefully, we will get information on the results somewhat soon. The WCG is also going to have cancer related work in the future.