CD Freaks wishes all its visitors a happy 2003

I just posted the article CD Freaks wishes all its visitors a happy 2003.

We would like to wish all our visitors a happy 2003 and we hope that we can all enjoy this year together in good health and hapiness. As we have been on the net for almost 5 years now, we would…

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Happy new year! :slight_smile:

Yeah! Wish you guys a very happy 2003!!!

Best wishes to you all! (the CD Freaks team and all visitors)

Have a happy new year and remember copying of music, movies, and software is only wrong if you sell it for a profit.

Happy New Year nad Peace on Earth in 2003 (it means NO WAR for Iraq :7

hi mates &visitors happy happy new year 2003 for you all my best wishs to you :slight_smile:

You forgot to thank yourself! :slight_smile:

Happy New year to the visitors/members and the whole CDFreaks Team for their hard work. Greetz from The Diplomat :8

Keep up the good work guys :4

Thanks for your kind words, but there are a few other people that deserve special thanks also. First of all it is you, our loyal visitor to the site (and/or forum), without you there would be nobody to do all this work for and there would be no CD Freaks! Last, but far from least, Domin8tor and MP|3 deserve a big thanks as well. Without them there wouldn’t be much of CD Freaks as well. Although their work mostly takes place behind the scenes, it is invaluable to this site. I have come to know them both well and have enjoyed hanging around with them a lot and hopefully we all together can continue this for a long time. Despite my grumpyness at times, I really enjoy being a part of CD Freaks. So let’s make 2003 an even better year than 2002! Da_Taxman