CD Freaks v2.0 coming soon!

This thread is specially for all our newsreaders that will have to wait 48 hours before our frontpage is back. During that time we and our engineers will be working on getting our new website online. CD Freaks v2.0 will be new, fresh and we will be continuously adding features to it. We hope you will bear with us and we’re looking forward to hear from you what you are expecting from CD Freaks v2.0 :wink:

Original message:

What’s wrong with version 1?

So, is this going to be the official discussion thread for CD Freaks v2?

The good:

  • I generally like the redesign. It has a more modern look to it, and it’s, overall, a better layout.
  • It’s good to see a move towards using CSS instead of tables for presentation. Divorcing semantic structure from layout this way is the Right™ way to do things, though there is more that could have been done (e.g., using lists instead of divs for the navigation strip) to this end.

The bad:

  • Check your style sheet. There are typo errors. For example, 55555 instead of 555555, and spelling errors of property names.
  • Why on earth does the HTML specify “text/html; charset=iso-8859-1”? The content at CDF has long been encoded as UTF-8, and indeed, most of the content on the website is UTF-8. Fortunately, browsers like Firefox are smart enough to ignore the erroneous Western European character set to use UTF-8 instead (try telling Firefox to treat the page as non-UTF-8, and you’ll see the errors crop up).
  • While most of the content is UTF-8, the copyright sign in the footer is hard-coded into the webpage in the Western European character set encoding. The proper way to specify the copyright symbol in a webpage has always been with the © entity.
  • Have you tried validating the markup? Why does the code say that the page is XHTML1 while there are still a lot of elements that haven’t made the transition from HTML4->XHTML1 (i.e., closing standalone tags, double quotes for tag attributes, etc.). Since there is no difference between HTML4 and XHTML1 except for the stricter syntax of XHTML1 (to conform with XML), and since any valid XHTML1 markups are a proper subset of valid HTML4 markups, there is no reason to mark the page as XHTML1-transitional instead of HTML4-transitional if you are not going to strict about the syntax.

The ugly:

  • I can’t say I really like the new color scheme. It’s too… pastel. It also just doesn’t seem right because it lacks the distinct character of the bolder and more saturated gold-and-blue color scheme.
  • The icons look a lot like generic Windows XP icons. Not only are these icons cartoony in appearance, but many low-quality amateurish websites often rip off Windows icons because they don’t have the resources to make their own. Although the icons that you use are not the XP icons, they look similar enough (especially the one for the forum) that it makes the site look like Just Another Amateur Windows Advice Website. Not to mention, the Windows icons look pretty childish.

Good job it looks a lot better i think. Although I know its only been up a few hours and you would have a fair bit more work to do on it, I think kliu0x52 has put some good points in his “the bad” section. A lot of the image tags are not closed properly, there are also a few “break” tags that are not ending " />"
another is this “Sponsors: DVD Duplicator & BD Duplicators” on line 329 the & should be “&amp” entity (missing the ; so it will display here)
hope that helps :wink:

I’m a little bit scared when I’m reading about the Research and Marketing Opportunities. Not quite sure how independent cdfreaks will be in the future when there’s money to make things may change at the main page and in the forum…
For version 2.0 it’s not my thing yet but when you got used to something it’s hard accepting changes so I can’t really have an opinion now…

Huge amounts of blank space. I only visit the main page for the news, which is now relegated to a little box that’s hard to read. Also cannot tell what day the news articles are from.

Doesnt seem to work

What doesn’t work, Airy? The page or something on it?

I do know it’s a tad slow. But hopefully that will improve.

Loads indefinately.

I don´t see anything new

Ahhh, OK. It seems fine here, although as I said it is somewhat slow.

Do I log out and come back in…?
What is it supposed to look like?

Not as far as I know. Just click on the link for the CDF main page, and you should hopefully see changes (even to me, they’re hard to miss :bigsmile: ).

Oh… :doh:
The [B]MAIN[/B] page… :o
You mean this forum isn´t the main page…good grief…there is something else out there… :eek:

Well, you can whip my butt with a wet kipper…I´ve never seen that page before…
…butt later, gotta go to a meeting. Regards to all…tell Geno that his grappa is made from old kippers (he´ll understand) :slight_smile:

Everything looks like kindergarten. I dont go there anyway.

Hard refresh

Since you asked… The page does not inspire me to be all that patient and tactful, really. Normally I’m not this big of a jerk, but something about the page just directed me to be brutally honest, so I’ll try.

That mustard color for news is just not that wonderful. In fact, the entire color selection is a bit disconcerting.

It is VERY slow to load, and without any structure on the left or right side, it looks a bit odd just relying on that mis-shapen top. That swishy line logo under the CD Freaks text reminds me of Chutes and Ladders

Those icons look like they were done by that FOOOOD guy, and the tabs are flat and uninspired by comparison.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best and 1 being worst? I’d give it a 3. I’m not kidding.

Thankfully, my main page is set to the FORUM, not the CD Freaks site proper.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we appreciate that you take the time to tell us what you think. Afterall, without our visitors we’re nowhere! We understand that not everyone likes it and we never expected it, we’ve changed from design several times already and we’re used to the fact that there will be people who like and people who don’t.

However, if you tell us you don’t like, then please tell us why and what we can do to improve it, with your feedback we can make changes and improve our site!

Besides that, we decided to launch the site because we simply can’t test what happens if the huge amount of visitors that we have start to browse the site. We tried to find and fix as many bugs as we could, but now people are starting to use it, there are many bugs we would have never found. Our engineers are working around the clock to fix them!

For bug reports, we would appreciate it if you would report them here:

And don’t forget to answer the questions for the giveaway, with the amount of prices we give away, there is a big chance of winning if you enter right now!

[ Although I have only few posts in CDF forum, believe it (or not), I was around CDFreaks for years in the ‘reader mode’, just in case you think ‘what this guy now has to complain about?’ :iagree: ]

Unfortunatelly, I simply do not like the change :frowning: but being myself a part of lot of others web communites, I am well aware that after such a big change like this there is no comming back and after some time we all will become acostumed to the new version. Instead of endless complaining (everything’s already said about ‘Vegas’ style, colours etc.), I will just say [U]what I miss the most[/U]:

NEWS layout on the Main page. I miss the old style where we could see all the headlines sorted for a few days earlier (aproximately 1 week), so we could click on older related subjects as well as latest topics. It would be nice if you at least bring that back. :flower:

I can vouch for that :iagree:…within minutes of my reporting some stuff late last night, it was being worked on and fixed.

So keep those reports and opinions coming :smiley: