CD Freaks updates: Work in progress

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You might have seen it already, there are some problems on our website but be assured, we’re working on it. Our servers are currently physically moved and we’re working on some updates to the code…

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you guys are noticing it now!!! Since the new facelift all I get is crashes in firefox and have stopped visiting this site unless I absolutely have to. Hope everything gets sorted out soon. thanks

I haven’t had any crash problems with Firefox. Weird. I haven’t had any problems but the default text size is really small for us almost blind people. Not a problem on Firefox, but on IE selecting larger text sizes doesn’t work on this site. That’s really IE’s fault in my opinion, but I’d like to be able to read this page when reading from other places that only have IE. Squinting sucks.

Sure would be nice to get a page that is 1920x1200. I can fit 3 of your pages on my monitor right now.