CD Freaks, the power of United Burners Team

I just posted the article CD Freaks, the power of United Burners Team….

CD Freaks, the power of United Burners completed 72,726 blocks yesterday, and was ranked #73 for that day! Yesterday 3 more people joined our team, so we now have 269 members.

We need more…

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One thing that bothers me, user-friendlyness of client, making installer, etc There WAS an installer made by B2B and me, and before site went down it was well spread and had a note on the FP, but then it just seemed like it isn’t good enough anymore, and every word about it was wiped, even when i posted it again And me not coming in the stats is simple :slight_smile: That account was used by the installer as a common Cdfreaks account ([CD Freaks] CdFreaks Rc5 [CD Freaks] was it called i believe) where all blocks went from ppl who couldn’t set up their own client or who didn’t change their addys after using the installer, but as the installer is gone now, I am using it as personal acc now, as it isn’t needed anymore to give it a default use in readme tutor for the installer once

okey you not answering me… why don’t u just say United Processing Force… why start your own group??? :r

Because i’m a member of Ax!s in the first place and that’s the team of Ax!s, when Cd freaks first joined Rc5, Ax!s hadn’t joined yet, and as me and B2b made an installer together, i made an acc to set as default in the installer, now that you seem to have removed every trace of it, there was no more use for the default acc, so I decided to do what I wanted and withdraw from freaks team and go with Ax!s, as we talked it over and decided we would make a small team with the Ax!s members you’re just not reading my post and consider Rc5 like something that gains priority above all, I simply don’t and want to be with the ppl I’m already group with from the beginning, and that happens to be Ax!s Anyway, which group I join for personal use is my choice, it’s not like the end of the world when i’m not in freaks rc5 team gonna talk to you on icq bout it, much easier :slight_smile:

I thought you first were a member of CD Freaks… but guess not then :slight_smile:

BTW: the reason the installer u made is not used anymore is because it is based on a old version, which is not used anymore…

I’m a member of Cd Freaks as well, but Ax!s normally is primary, which doesn’t mean I do nothing for cd freaks, on the contrary aska round and most ppl will say when they ask soemthing I’ll do it and help them

The installer works fine. Just needs the new .exe file and a few ini file changes. I’m using a client from 1 1/2 years ago. Redneck, it’s good to see you around :slight_smile:

B2b, I’ve always been here :slight_smile: silent thou :wink: hehe I’m working with a client from a year old as well normally :slight_smile: some options are gone in the new ones I believe I’m curious to see what rdfx will make :slight_smile: Gonna fix up an installer as well, for the boring times :slight_smile: something to code again :wink:

Hey, I could install this all @ school maybe (40 computers). BUT: the cow may not be visible then… …is that possible? Grtz JP.

start the client with the -hide option… just test it @ home then go to school :slight_smile: