CD Freaks T-shirts: They have arrived!



I just posted the article CD Freaks T-shirts: They have arrived !!.


Yes I finally received all the T-shirts! I just picked them up, and they look great! They are packed in 5 f**king boxes, one box for every size.

Let’s take a closer…

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yes, they have arrived and they look great :4


Finaly they have arrived :4 now waiting until it arrives here…


They are packed in 5 f**king boxes, one box for every size
You forgot to mention the beer :+:+:+


Yeah sorry, that’s only for me :7


Allrighty then!!! :4 I’m setting up my tent @ the frontdoor right now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow they look verry cool… Can`t wait to get mine :slight_smile:


When can I come and pick up mine, saves you postage (even more tip for you :smiley: )


I’ll join Da_Taxman when he’s going to pick them up :slight_smile:


Finaly! Yes!!! :slight_smile: I want mine… but no rush, if you have exams, then prepare for those and send shirts when you can… :slight_smile:


Nii just… just nii… :slight_smile: Shirts… soon… soon…


Yeah I want one but there is the link for order it? you can deliever it in italy??:9


Send me an email with your name email and address etc. Also your wanted size and number of shirts. When there are shirt left, I will contact you


ok but the about shipping in my country (italy) and cost?