CD Freaks T-shirt information



I just posted the article CD Freaks T-shirt information.

As you could have seen in our previous posting the T-shirts are ready. Because of the lack of time I couldn’t ship them at once. However several shirts (about 15) have already been sent out to…

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I hope you sent mine out already, would make a nice birthday present next Saturday :wink:


please send mine asap …can’t wait anymorrr :d


i got mine yesterday :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I like to get married in mine :4


Hmm… still nothing! :c MayB it helps to post a list of those who haven’t payed yet. You already got my cash! :wink:


I have paid… I want mine =) YES… no more work, new phone, new shoes, new game, much money, no working… no more… no more for me =4