CD Freaks T-shirt: Few left, order the last shirts here!

I just posted the article CD Freaks T-shirt: Few left, order the last shirts here !!.

We have some T-shirts left! Yes that’s right. More than 2 months ago we had a T-shirt action for all our CD Freaks visitors. But we have some left, so you can order the LAST CD Freaks T-shirts…

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These shirts rock, and I love the euro style collar. :7

Also thanks to the people who ordered with an INVALID email address… LIST UPDATED AGAIN meir bader ( from Israel john carmony ( from the USA ouwe ( from Belgium Zvonimir Glavota ( from Croatia Frans verbraken ( from Belgium Mr Song Iee Siang ( from Singapore George Yiftoyiannis ( from Greece Michalis Varagoulis ( from Greece Vincent Cornelissens ( from Belgium Your E-Mail address doesn’t work. Thanks for the order… I cancelled it :frowning:

MP|3, have you got my money? I sent you the cash, but I haven’t got mail from you so, did you get it?

NO! I don’t have it!!! We have some problems to send T-shirts! I don’t send your moneys back, so I will keep those but I don’t get your shirt! :frowning:

Hi! I mean YOU don’t get YOUR shirt! BUT I WILL KEPP YOUR MONEYS!!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what defiz is saying but nhelesh: I did receive your money! I already sended your T-shirt several days ago, so u must receive it very soon!

These shirts rock!!! Order one now! :8