CD Freaks T-shirt action news



I just posted the article CD Freaks T-shirt action news….

I know everyone is waiting for the T-shirts they have ordered. Many people have already paid several weeks ago.

Well I can give you a large story why they are late but that wouldn’t help. I can…

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Yeah hope to see mine soon :slight_smile:


Same here :slight_smile:


I want that shirt before summer :4


I just sent in my $$ a couple weeks ago, hopefully it’s there now. :slight_smile:


Sweet! :wink:


Summer ?? You’ll probably have to wait a lot longer for that to happen in Holland. I guess your T-shirt will be worn out before we ever get a good summer :slight_smile:


T-shirt… soon… soon… mine… all mine! :8


I can’t sleep till the end of this week. When I see my litle xl:+