CD Freaks supports victims of the earthquake in Asia

I just posted the article CD Freaks supports victims of the earthquake in Asia.

I guess we’ve all read the news about the major disaster in Asia. Thousands of people died in this
horrible event, even more have become homeless or are wounded. CD Freaks is an

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Good idea to post this on the main site, Jan. I personally made my donation earlier today. It’s a goddamn tragedy, and we can do nothing about it, except support the survivors.

Yeah, I am glad CDFreaks is doing this, and I am proud of being a member of this international forum. The amount is not important, it is the thought that counts. I donated via, I hope it will use all my $200 to help the victims.

Too much online fraud - I don’t trust internet for doing such transaction - it’s full of scam artists. Also you’d be lucky if they used $5 of your $200 for the right cause, most of it is spent on inflated administrative fees, I won’t go into detail as to HOW I know this for a FACT, let’s just say that people take advantage during such disasters to take your money. When I donate money I either do it in person or through mail, to a legit mailing address and after doing extensive verifications that the money really goes where it should, and when only $1 out of my f***** $100 goes to such a cause I don’t give, period…

Here is a well trusted site that exposes some of the alleged scams and this shows that some companies are profiting from other people’s misfortune… If you’re thinking of donating to such organizations, you might want to check this link, this only serves as an example and will help you make an educated decision:!&q5=red+cross

Sorry but this isn’t the right time for these kind of comments…
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Agreed, I’ve donated €50 this morning, Thing is a few months down the line this won’t get as much coverage as Sept 11th did at the time. Abit of a joke considering this is far far worse (yes I know 9/11 was man made, but in fairness 70,000+ ppl dieing!!)

I wonder how much the RIAA and MPA will be contributing to the appeal? Or how many companies of any kind from any nation will contribute? Typically charitable donations are tax deductable, meaning only the taxman suffers…and arguably you and I indirectly, but perhaps that’s just something we should take on the chin and each cough up a small amount of extra tax for re-distribution to the worlds poor.

I don’t think this is the time or place to discuss politics. Nobody is forcing anybody to donate, it’s really a personal choice, and I don’t see any reason to confuse the donation of countries/companies with a personal wish to make a difference, and help these poor people. I couldn’t care less if the majority of these victims don’t share my beliefs. Most of the victims live in countries with a very week democracy or no democracy at all, and I don’t think this is an appropriate time to discuss if they deserve our help or not.

I had valid points in that reply. I guess this forum isn’t about freedom of speech.

Donate for this, donate for that… It’s full of donation requests! Help the poor! Help the victims! Help this, help that… And maybe I live in a poor country and maybe I have a monthly 200 USD wage and maybe I can’t afford to buy a pair of blue-jeans… But I don’t cry for donations and I mind my own business… Sorry for that, but sometimes this “donation” thing drives me mad.

hi, this particualr comment is directed towards the commenst made by warforpeace I am sure that you are not from one of those countries that has suffered this calamity. I am from one of them i know the effect… I know how the people are suffering with out house , food, clothing and necessities of life. And the no. of people suffering is tewice as much as they are quoting . beieve me! i know. And as far as my understanding of English i think this article is aimed at facilitating the users of this particular site who ar interested in helping the victims. Man when Us spends billions in Iraq and it announced a fund of 1.5million. i am not suggesting that we need their fund but the amount of hype that they created about their relief efforts, man it is real politics. Bottom line is , if u want to donate do so . Othetwise shut your mouth and enjoy with your money. This is no joke , this is no 911, this nature in its full fury,. like it or not this is much worse than 911 So plz don’t think all this is a joke.

your freedom of speech only extends as far as the moderator on this site allows, I think the moderation is pretty good on this site. I donated in anothar way thanks all the same.

Once again, not the right place to discuss politics. Second and last warning.
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In all my time here I’ve seen hundreds of posts about politics. I will wait and see if you choose to delete them all in future.
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When over 100k of people are killed we shouldn’t discuss politics but instead our support, wheter it’s with words, money or goods.

How some people can even mention 9/11 to the earthquake/tsunami event is beyond me… 9/11 was a terrorist act while the earthquake/tsunami event in Asia was a natural disaster… Also, let us not forget those disastrous earthquakes in California and massive floods down in the Southern states that have occurred in our country… Many people have been killed/injured and displaced from homes during those natural disaster events yet aid from other countries was never requested or received… I am very sorry about the terrible events in Asia and my prayers are with the people there… I just think that the people who should be donating are the ones that continue to vacation there even after the aftermath…