CD Freaks starts testing Wiki - help us to gather knowledge

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  Many of you might have heard about Wikipedia, the the  free encyclopedia. The software used for the project is MediaWiki and our system  administrator Liggy has recently also installed this...
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Nice one :slight_smile: Wiki’s are definitely taking off in a big way. I just implemented one at work for our corporate intranet. While you guys are evaluating it, you might want to have a look at TWiki. I started off using MediaWiki then moved the company one over to TWiki as it has some very powerful features that MediaWiki does not (ie a page can be set to display the results of a search saved in it so when someone goes to the page they instantly just see the search results in the page so you could have a page called: Software Reviews and just set it to do a search of any page with the word review in it so when people clicked it they automatically saw the results without having to do the search themselves. This means one person can spend time perfecting the search query and everyone sees its results. Its also extremely easy to set Auth per page for multiple users, groups, etc). Anyway, nice job on implementing one. Good luck with it :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion, it might be a good idea to have a link to it on the menu bar, that way more people will see it, rather than relying on this news post (that will probably be buried under other stories in a few days time).