CD Freaks slow :( - updated



I just posted the article CD Freaks slow :frowning: - updated.

As you might have noticed our site is #@$% slow, and the bad thing is, we can’t fix it just like that. At the moment we are looking into several options, to improve the quality of our site. We’ve…

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Hey Guys !

You are doing a great job !

CDFreaks was and is one of the best CDR News Sites

Keep working !


Burning Section Leader @


You won’t hear me complain! The sevice you people provide in invaluable


Excellence takes time! Yous guys are great!


Hi guys

Really glad to have you back on the scene. I missed checking the news every day. Keep up the good work


You guys are doing great work! Welcome back!


Yo, don’t apologize, you guys rule!!!


Hmmmm, didn’t miss you at all

irc rules


–cdfreaks rules!!


Speedy as always, no problem here.

BTW: Glad to see you guys up and running.


Would it be possible to have a redirected URL when you anticipate to go off line again so atleast we have some idea what it happening.
Cause Net ain’t worth surfing if here is no CD Freaks ecen for a day. Thanks for a Great job guys. Cheers!


my new HD rules :slight_smile: guess I unplugged my box at the right time hehe, only had seen freaks one day down


hey dont knock your selfs, you are by far the greatest site that i know of for keeping up to speed with current affairs
keep up the good work


Hmmz… you people really know how to suck up. Damn this is site is nice and stuff, but the comments of some of you people makes me wanna puke


Who died and left you IN CHARGE? careful with the big head dude!!! it just might get to heavy for you to carry!


Hi guys,
Better on low speed,than no speed :wink:
glad to see u again