CD Freaks Slogan/Motto

What’s the official CD Freaks slogan/motto?

Is it “Knowledge is Power?”

The other forums hate us.

what other forums hate cdfreaks?, oh its either “knowledge is power” or “the worlds larges cd/dvd comunity” not sure wich. :bigsmile:

Pretty sure it’s “Knowledge is Power”.

Knowledge is power is the slogan for the forum.

so whats the slogan for the whole of cdfreaks

That’s the one.

Depends :

“knowledge is power” on the forum
“the power of united burners” on t-shirt
“swallow your opinions” is sometimes indoctrinated
“Independent CD and DVD (Recording) news around the clock” on the frontpage
“user kicked by a gazillion amount of ops” on irc (Depends on the channel)

where is “the worlds largest cd/dvd comunity” or is that not a slogan/motto?

Isn’t that already taken?

From what I gather occasionally stopping into the mods forum the real slogan is probably something along the lines of “You will be assimilated into teh aussie collective”

our most cdfreaks aussie, not that i have a problem with aussies :bigsmile:

“the burning experience” -> that’s what my mousepad says :slight_smile:

where u get your mousepad from… isnt it “mouseMAT” :wink:

We can copy everything;even you?

is that a slogan?

keep burning , until u get arrested :stuck_out_tongue:

what about… “this site is good”

and continue when you come out…

or keep on burning…

for burning your desires on vinyl.

can you burn vinyl?