CD Freaks Shop?

is anyone alive there?
i ordered some stuff a week ago, i payed immediatly.
it still isnt here.

ok, few days ago i mailed, also still NO answer :frowning:

come on guys please tell me that my money isnt gone?

i dont have to much of it, so if my €60 is gone, i really wont like it

Hi SaiBork, Ill pass your info on to the CDFReaks Shop staff.

I can guarentee you havent lost your money, and that there will be good cause and reason for the delay.

Please PM me if you have any questions or problems.


that the package ain’t delivered yet might be explained by the fact that you don’t live in the netherlands nor belgium, which might add a little slowdown in the receiving of your package as i won’t think the cdfreaks shop will cheat on you…

LOL TechMastex, I DO live in the netherlands :wink:

try to contact them again, or phone them ?

ill guess im gonna phone them today, but first i need to go to the dentist :frowning:

Ok I phoned them, it will be send today now :smiley:
There was a slight delay, cause they didnt have everything, because of some problems they were having.
To bad they werent able to tell me this via e-mail (which i sent 3 of, and gt only 1 reply)

well at least im still getting my stuff :wink:

I’m verry sorry for your delay! We didn’t had all products in stock so we had to wait for a back-order.

I didn’t receive any mails from you, but I think steven has. If you have any problems you can always contact me and I will always reply. You can find the contact information on the shop pages.

Just wanted to make clear that the shop is 100% SAFE and NOBODY will lose it’s money!! We can ALWAYS work something out and I will always try to help you the best I can.

Second thing I want to make clear to all other members who read this: at the moment the shop only ships to The Netherlands and Belgium. We do not have a worldwide shop! Sorry about this. We are working on more countries but more info will be available soon ( I hope :slight_smile: ).

If you want more information on the shop contact me! (Also if you are a shop owner and you want to cooperate with us mail me!)

yeah, :smiley:

i got my stuff early this morning already

tnx guys

must be me but whats the url for the shop ??

yes i did try search but as cd as less then 3 letters in it i got a it wont work message :wink: