Cd Freaks Shop Question

I’ve seen that is open but for ship a gift (for example) isn’t possible out of Holland… When will be possible in every country?? I ask you because I want to post this news in our italian forum chat…

Thank you for your intrest in our shop. We are expecting to ship to more countries in 2003, unfortunately we have no time set when, and currently we have no list of countries to whom we will be expanding our service. To be updated on the latest news on the shop, please keep an eye on our newspage, as soon as there is more information available it will be certainly updated there!


Those lovely Mitsui cdr-80’s looked wonderful until I went to the checkout and found I cannot purchase them in the UK - come on, get with the times - many places sell all over the world, think of the custom you are losing :slight_smile:

You say 2003 - can we make it January 2003 please?

Just when I thought I found a good source for Mitsui’s - not so !