Cd freaks shop.....good media?

hey all. This may be a dumb question to all. But is it safe to assume that the shop for cdfreaks is only gonna sell good media, not the average 2 cent disc ya might find at the local computer dicounter. Dont know much about media, but the names seem to be good ones compared to some i have bought at these “discounters”

cd freaks shop ??? :confused:

I believe he clicked on the SHOP link at the top of the page i.e.

huh… never noticed that before :stuck_out_tongue:

No British or US shop? I have to admit I’m a little shocked by that considering that around 95% of the members here speak English.

doesnt matter look at or :wink:

Well I am Canadian, but as long as they ship to me where I am in Germany at the moment… I dont care!!! :smiley:

They do sell Princo !!
Most stuff is safe but then again you allways have customers who want to have a cheap coaster. (I keep hearing that from other stores) So that’s why they probably have the princo’s