CD Freaks review - Lite-On 40/12/48X CD-RW



We have another review ready for you! This time it's the latest Lite-On drive: the Lite-On LTR-40125S. What will we do?

In this review we will use both firmware version ZS0A and version ZS0J which adds Mount rainer support and P-CAV (Partial - Constant Angular Velocity) write technology. We will focus on the difference between these two versions, what the benefits with each version are and what the drawbacks are. We will also see how good the drive is compared to other drives, including the TEAC CD-W540E that we reviewed here.
But this is not everything! To make this even better we have added some test results from an LTR-48125W which is just a LTR-40125S which we overclocked by flashing it with a binary firmware from a real LTR-48125W. This drive is rated at 48X Writing 12X rewriting and 48X reading.

Thanks goes out to OC-Freak for creating this review. We used over 100+ empty discs for this review, so definately worth reading. You can read it @



just shows what kinda work oc freak duz for the comunity !!!

tnx man !!


when do we get a 40125 (W) review ?

with normal speed and 48125 (W) speeds ?

tnx all i here about mostly are the S version reviews ?

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LTR-40125W review will not come.

This test have oc’ed LTR-48125W results

There will be a real LTR-48125W review soon, but not a Lite-On…it’s sold under another brand…