CD Freaks review - Lite-On 40/12/48X CD-RW

I just posted the article CD Freaks review - Lite-On 40/12/48X CD-RW.

We have another review ready for you! This time it’s the latest Lite-On drive: the Lite-On LTR-40125S. What will we do?

In this review we will use both firmware version ZS0A and version ZS0J…

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What about the 40125W - no Review because why ?

Why do you want a review of the LTR-40125W? It’s basically the Same as a LTR-40125S with firmware ZS0J but without mount rainier support (same performance as LTR-40125S with firmware ZS0J at least).

All this work and the first reply is a complaint :frowning: Nice work OC-Freak… These media tests must have cost a fortune! Hmm but I can use these for our next review :wink:

Really is a great review! Super job. Thanks

Does anyone know where I can get a black faceplate for the LTR-40125s? Thanks

BTW can the LTR-40125W be overclocked to the LTR-48125W?

Yes it can be overclocked as well. Sorry I do not know where you live :frowning: sells black face plates. they ship to scandinavia,UK,and Germany at least

Come on MP3 :slight_smile: Release your 48x review… We need that too…

The only noise I heard was the drive opening and closing. I could not hear the burning process of my Thermaltake Volcano 6cu+'s on my server/space heater:) (tyan thunder K7).

Thanks OC-Freak I live in the US so I guess I’ll have to keep looking for a black faceplate.

Release your 48x review…
This weekend… :slight_smile: Be patient :wink: Oh and btw this review has the OC’ed 48x Lite-On drive. It performs the same as the ‘real’ 48x drive.

You can get black face plates from: /Online_Catalogue_CD_DVD_10.html#acd_2d006_2dlo They ship to the US also.

my questen why is alway the 40125w not mentioned, and why is there none MT Rainer support on this like 40125S